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Customer Experience Strategy


Forrester Q&A: How customer experience in Telecoms is essential for success in the age of the customer

Vice President of Forrester’s CX Consulting Practice EMEA, Qaalfa Dibeehi’s provides great insights and exclusive examples of how customer experience in Telecoms is essential for success in the age of the customer.

The Challenge of Churn

It used to be enough for telecom operators to just monitor and manage network quality. Now, as the wireless operator space continuously hits new heights of competitiveness and customer churn can make or break a quarterly financial report, customer experience management has taken centre stage.

Insight and Analytics Report

Are you able to capture, analyse and leverage your customer data across your organisation? Many companies have the correct tools in place to capture this data, but ensuring true customer insight is still proving tricky for organisations.

In this report we identify some of the key trends and challenges for 2017 to help you successfully leverage your customer data to drive profit and improve the bottom line. This is a key part of your customer strategy in 2017 and can mean the difference between a competitive advantage through your strategies, or being left at start of the race.

The Digital Challenge

It’s a given now that if an organisation hasn’t at least started their journey into online customer experience, then the competitive advantage may already be lost. Self service, automation and live chat are all tools that have enabled this section of a customer strategy to flourish, but customers still feel the need to have a personalised experience to them, regardless of which channel they choose to use. This has caused headaches in 2016. How do you turn a relatively cold, online journey into something that really stirs and emotional response with the customer. Striking the balance between a personalised and indivisualised experience is something that our experts are looking at moving through 2017 and this report will help you strike the right balance for your strategy, and ultimately, the customers you serve.



  • Power up your Customer Experience using Journey Mapping
    Mergers, acquisitions and new players are continually changing the Telco landscape, making competition fiercer than ever. As prices are driven down, the need to differentiate in other ways is driven up. To stand out, Telcos must look beyond the traditional approach of simply locking customers into long-term contracts and focus on the bigger picture.

    One essential tool that must be in your customer experience toolkit and this year’s planned initiatives is a set of customer journey maps. These give you a way to remain objectively customer centric without being unduly or prematurely influenced by internal viewpoints or traditional business perspectives.
  • The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Product Expansion
    Download this whitepaper by Newt Idea to find out how Telcos can meet the challenges of moving into new market and how mergers, acquisitions and fierce competition have put more pressure than ever on Telcos to constantly evolve and find new ways to stay relevant.
  • Designing Customer Experiences for Utility Companies
    Download this insightful whitepaper from digital service design agency Friday, sharing lessons learned from their work with a retail energy provider that can be applied to other utility markets. Given the cost of system redesign and integration—not to mention cultural change needed to support a customer- focused approach—how should a company decide what customer experience to build that moves beyond the give-them-everything interpretation of transparency? 
  • The Evolution of Customer Experience in 2015The Evolution of Customer Experience in 2015
    This brand new comprehensive report, ‘The Evolution of Customer Experience in 2015’, provides insights into the changes that have shaped the industry in 2015 to help customer experience leaders leverage these challenges, turn them into opportunities and optimise their strategy for maximum impact in 2016 and beyond. In 2015 the CX Network conducted researched with over 700 senior customer experience leaders on their immediate investment priorities, long-term aspirations and current challenges hampering these business goals, which formed the basis of the report.