What's New for 2018?

In an industry where competition is fierce, customer experience may be the only differentiator for a customer to stay or leave. Building a CX strategy that will drive profit, reduce churn and wow the customer is difficult with the ever changing and increasing demands of the customer.

Retailers are beginning to launch into the telecoms space, how does telecommunications compete with an industry known for providing the best experiences for their customers? Regulation is getting stricter, whether it concerns legislation around network speeds or GDPR. These are regulations arriving in 2018, how are they going to effect future CX strategies?

Your customers want things their way, whether that's a face-to-face conversation in store or a tweet about a query on their phone bill. This makes things tricky.

These are challenges that need to be addressed now to optimise your strategy for a superior customer experience! That's where the Customer Experience Exchange for Telecoms 2018 comes in. 

What should you be looking at in 2018? Your peers have revealed this:

  • Digital transformation is upon us! But how do you balance transforming digitally and maintaining excellent customer experience across all channels? 
  • Customer churn is still a major headache for the Telecom Industry. Attending the Exchange will help you hear the success stories from your peers, and the technology they used to help them cut their churn rate massively.
  • Changing regulation and compliance and the uncertain post-Brexit situation in Britain, and the implementation of GDPR offers up interesting opportunities for growth in customer experience. 
  • Telecoms have a vast amount of data accessible at the press of a button, but is it being utilised in the right way? Are you getting the most out your data? The Exchange will give you the chance to see how to best utilise your data to understand and predict the wants and needs of the customer
  • Employees matter, they are at the heart of your business and they are at the customer front line. In order to provide a seamless customer experience you must educate, engage, develop, and inspire your employees. 

….And much more, just see the agenda for your choice of case studies and discussions about your biggest CX challenges!

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